What is paid media?

Each time a business, brand or service uses an advert, sponsored social media post, paid search results or video ad they are using paid media. This is media that they have paid for to promote their services and products to ensure a broader consumer audience is reached.

To start with let’s look at the different types of media…

Paid Media as already mentioned is promoting your business using paid avenues of exposure, such as advertising. Many companies take out adverts or use sponsored ads on social media but splashing the cash on expensive advertising is a waste of time if you don’t target your ads in the right way. Take time to observe where your target audience is and use that research to direct your investments to ensure a more successful return.

These days social media is the fastest way to spread the word and reach a broad range of consumers, but remember bigger doesn’t always mean better. Think about how you connect with your audience, engage with them and find out what appeals to them most. Use these results to influence your paid media decisions.

Owned Media is any media that is fully within your control, your website content, blogs you write, you’re social media accounts and any video content you create and post. When considering what to post think quality over quantity, content that is informative and of high value to the reader is much more appealing than snippets of rushed information posted continuously.

Keep content varied to appeal to a broad audience. Include written articles, video content, interviews, reviews, quizzes and demos and remember to maintain quality.

Earned Media isn’t owned by you and is produced by a third party, you don’t have control over what is posted or written and it is quite simply media you have earned, it is basically free publicity for your brand or business and it is a powerful source.

Media that you have earned can come in many different forms such as a magazine article, newspaper column or TV segment. These days it tends to be social media that is leading the way when it comes to earned media recognition, think ‘tweets’ and ‘shared’ posts, reviews and recommendations. One of the most successful forms of earned media is word of mouth, and the best way to achieve this is by providing exceptional services to your consumers.

Whichever way you choose to run or manage your business, making the most of all three of these media avenues is the best way to promote and reach the widest audiences. No matter how small or large your budget for paid media spend time researching your target audience before investing, and remember even the smallest of investments can have a good return if you focus your efforts in the right areas.

Use your owned media to be seen and successful when it comes to sharing content and building strong relationships between brand and consumer. The more you share the more likely you are to gain earned media coverage.

The most important way to be successful with media campaigns or strategies is to know your target audience thoroughly. Spend time investing in this and any efforts are sure to be rewarded.

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