Content marketing trends 2021

Content marketing is a vital means of communication for all businesses. If you want your company or brand to been seen and talked about, content marketing is the best way to build relationships. Content marketing isn’t about directly promoting your brand it is about creating interest and intrigue around your business, which ultimately establishes connections between consumer and brand.

Content that is informative, relevant, honest and reliable builds trust leading to increased conversion rates. The content you create should be so beneficial in its content that customers are keen to engage and return. Often content that forms a personal connection with consumers is the most successful, be honest and speak about the things your brand is passionate about and what you believe in.

Making your content stand out is key to success. With so many businesses fighting to win consumers over it is vital you capture their interest and attention. A great way to do this is to keep your content varied and diverse, keeping an eye on the latest trends is a great way to see what is standing out to consumers and helps you to incorporate these strategies into your content where relevant to your business.

The impacts of the Covid-19 global pandemic drastically changed the way businesses functioned and reached their consumers. It has also had a dramatic impact on what consumers want from online experiences. Customers want to engage with brands in the same personal ways they would if visiting a store in person. They want to feel they are gaining clear information to make informed decisions when it comes to purchases, and most of all they want to feel valued.

One of the trends that saw an intense increase over the past year and looks to show no sign of slowing down is live streaming. Live video content streamed effortlessly and seamlessly is a clear winner with consumers. It is quick and easy to digest and provides experiences closer to reality. Creating live video is relatively easy but ensuring your content is instantly engaging and captivating is the important part of its success. Quality and running speed are also vitally important. There is nothing worse than poor quality imagery, so ensure you’re optimised for mobile and create live streams that are sleek and concise.

The ease and speed at which video content can be shared make this an appealing form of content to both consumer and brand, so consider the relevance and benefit to your business and get creative to stand out.

Podcasts are another great way for customers to consume content in an easy and appealing manner. These have also risen in popularity over the past year. Podcasts are a niche way to reach new audiences and the simplicity in production means they are an achievable way to create content that’s a little different. Content on the go is an appealing way for audiences to engage and with the options to easily post across a range of platforms the increase of reach becomes even greater. Making your podcasts relatable and informative is vital so collaborate with industry professionals, influencers and your consumers to create varied content. Remember your content should draw people in and capture their interests, don’t make it pushy or this could drive consumers in the opposite direction.

Another content trend that has seen a surge and looks to feature more in 2021 is Virtual Reality (VR). Creating realism in a digital world is what VR does best and the opportunity to create an immersive experience for consumers is greatly appealing. Take, for example, a large, well-known interior store, they created Virtual Reality experiences of their interior room sets allowing consumers to visualise the design and layout of a space without even visiting the setups in store.

Virtual Reality definitely has appeal and is a great way to create a unique experience but be warned it is very expensive and not always the most appropriate means of communication. VR needs to be considered from all perspectives, firstly can you afford it? Secondly, is it limiting to your consumer relationships in regards to the equipment required? Finally is it relevant to your audience? VR is definitely interesting and captivating but it will only benefit your brand if it used in the right ways.

With so many varied ways to produce content, including the big trends for 2021, the more traditional methods such as written articles, interviews, blogs and social media posts are all just as valued. What is most important is that you choose the content styles that best connect with your audiences. To appeal to a wide range of consumers you need to keep things varied and accessible to all.

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