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Who we are

"a team of passionate digital marketing professionals who take pride in client relationships, integrity and results "

Zigzag was launched in 2014 as a direct result of the experiences of its founders working in senior leadership roles at some of the largest agencies in the country. With this experience, we’ve been able to double in size year on year. 

With our HQ beautifully set on the cobbles of the 14th century Shambles, the juxtaposition between arguably the best preserved medieval street in the world and Zigzag’s industry leading marketing technology couldn’t be more profound.

It’s this cutting-edge thinking and methodology that means our team have led accounts ranging from Asda & Booths to the DVLA, Argos & Manchester University. 

Most importantly, we understand that the size of the agency is not nearly as important as the abilities and experiences of the experts behind the wheel and, having been involved in digital marketing since 2002, the team at Zigzag have direct and demonstrable successes in a multitude of sectors across all aspects of digital engagement.

With the express aim of demystifying the all too often ambiguous and confusing world of digital marketing, everyone at Zigzag HQ loves to share the knowledge they possess, from data analysis best practice to the social media ad formats that generate the best results, to the latest and greatest paid search targeting techniques. 

We also regularly put on free training sessions as part of our effort to empower business owners and marketing specialists with the confidence to make informed decisions…

This, combined with our genuine love of what we do, is all part of our commitment to saving the internet, one website at a time…


Our head office is based on the Shambles, in the heart of medieval York.


Digital Marketing ain't rocket science! We want to help businesses embrace digital marketing and make informed and educated decisions based on a true understanding of the rationale behind the planning.


To deliver outstanding digital marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients. To remain ethical, as green as humanly possible, conscientious and compassionate. To empower our staff to be healthy, happy and drink plenty of water! To never, ever stop challenging ourselves or loving what we do.


To be the best at what we do and to educate others, both within our business and our clients'. To grow sustainably and to never be afraid to ask 'the question everyone's thinking'. We don't ever have elephants in our room.

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