Adwords Ads could Get Bigger – Yep BIGGER!

AdWords Expanded Text Ads might well get even longer with second description line option

A new test option doubles the number of characters available in text ad descriptions.

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The ‘old’ Expanded Text Ad

There’s an option that’s been noticed in the States letting
advertisers add a second description line to expanded text ads in the AdWords web interface. It was only spotted earlier this week though! (And get this – the additional optional line also has an 80 character limit. Heck, that’s 160 characters – more than a tweet, less than a novel, but still an opportunity to get loads more info into your ad.

Whether that additional info is good or bad though is up to the advertiser – I reckon we’ll see loads of waffle and guff in ads, or a string of USPs that dilute any core sales message if Google goes ahead and rolls this out.

So far, CTR on the extra long ads are thought to be slightly lower than the average expanded text ad, and only time will tell if it proves it’s worth on a wider scale.

Quiz Google on tests and releases like this and they always come back with the same stock response. And this time is no different:

“Google is constantly testing out new products and features to improve user and advertiser experience.” – Bah!

Since Expanded Text Ads arrived last year the promise of higher click-through rates has been banded about constantly. Some reports have shown mixed results on that front and we’ve certainly seen ups AND downs within our accounts.

Let’s see what comes of this little dabble in essay length ad copy for the future.

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