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Why does my business need Digital Support?

Technology is developing every day. And your audience is evolving to expect
and demand the latest and greatest from your site at a similar pace.

Sites aren’t left sitting for 2-3 years before receiving a make-over any more

they’re constantly evolving and meeting in the needs of audience trends and industry developments.

Things move super-fast in the world of web design & development. Keeping up-to-date with in-browser technology and device usage trends alone means simply updating your website every few years will no longer keep your business at the top of it’s game.

And if you’re a retailer, products, pricing, data and creative will need to constantly evolve to keep ahead of the competition in a fiercely competitive environment.

Our Digital Support team have the experience and expertise to help and offer support & advice on this from as little as £360 per month.

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How does Digital Support work?

working with our team is a doddle ~ we know all the tech & how to explain issues and solutions to those who might not be quite as tech-savvy.

We’d always start by doing an audit of your site.

It’s quick and easy and all we need are your FTP details (which we can help you get hold of if you need us to)

Once we know the platform it has been built in (WordPress, Magento etc), we can let you know how we can best help support the site on an ongoing basis.

And don’t worry, we don’t need to have built the site to be able to offer ongoing support.

Once we’ve covered this off, we’ll work out the number of hours you will need on a monthly basis (depending upon your requirements and our suggestions) to keep the site up-to-date and running smoothly. A portion of this time will be allocated to the ongoing backup and security updates for your site, with the rest allocated to developing the site.

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Here are some examples we can help with…

Marketing campaign support
If you business is running any digital campaigns such as Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, BingAds emails etc, we can setup landing pages, optimise pages for Quality Score, add / amend content or design and develop banner advertising for you.

CRO – Conversion rate optimisation
If your site isn’t doing as well as you’d like or you’re keen to see if you can get more performance form it, we can help work on conversion rate optimisation, using Analysis, A/B & Multivariate testing to understand where the sticking points are and how to improve them.

All sorts of other stuff!
Every business is different and you might have a unique or specific issue that isn’t listed here? Our team have a wealth of experience and can adapt to your requirements throughout the month, whatever they may be.

Content & Photography
Our content team are on had to write to tone, on demand. From News releases and blogs to copy updates and social media posts, we can support your content needs. Need a photographer / videographer? We’ve got that covered too, with our professional photographic services.

Mobile optimising
Make sure your website works on any mobile device is key to ensuring your website ranks well as well as ensuring mobile visitors have a great user experience.

We have a dedicated design-studio with designers who can create beautiful assets as well as artworking your existing assets.

Fast site
Does your website need speeding up? Is slow and clunky. For a good user experience and search ranking it’s vital your site is slick and fast. We can help.

Each month our team will call or meet with you to discuss changes for the month ahead and you will be given a direct number to contact our team should anything arise during the month.

Obviously the number of hours you may require could vary from 6 to 100 hours on a monthly basis and you may already have a budget for us to work within – whatever the case we will suggest what we think you will require based on the complexity and build of your own specific site.

the digital support team

approachable, friendly experts on tap

You need it, we’ll make sure it’s done

Our resource is available for rapid turnaround of tasks and jobs, so your website can be as flexible as your business needs.

We’ve cherry-picked a talented team of Digital Support specialists who can assist with any front-end changes and are dedicated to the Digital Support service.

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Techy stuff too daunting? … Sorted.

Web hosting, domains & nameservers, Backups, security, SSLs, optimisation we’ve got it covered

Stop worrying about domain renewal, backups, hosting setup, optimisation, security updates,
or anything else techy again. Leave Leave it all to us and we’ll guarantee it ‘just works’ for
you with ultimate reliability and minimum fuss.

Set Up Hosting
Hosting can be daunting and confusing if you’re not familiar with it – but we have bags of experience setting up hosing and specifying servers suitable for the task at hand. Leave it with us and we’ll take all the worry out of it, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Back it up
If we’re hosing your website, we can ensure we have backups daily as a failsafe should something go wrong. If you’re hosting elsewhere we can help you through the process of getting this vital aspect of web management implemented.

Domains & Renewal
We can handle the whole domain purchasing, renewal and setup process to ensure your domains stay active and secured. We can also set up SSL certificates to authenticate the security of your site.

Security Updates
We need to ensure that all the security updates are applied as soon as they become available. Our team can handle this so you don’t need to worry.

Speed Optimisation
Speed is vital element of every website. We’ll ensure your site loads quickly on all devices and connection types.

Plus anything else you can think of
If you have a specific request or issue, get in touch and give us a try, we’ve got bags of experience and can almost certainly help.

what does digital support cost?

less than you might think…

Our Hourly rate is £60+VAT for Digital Support.

Need front-end & development support but don’t want to employ a full-time team?

We operate a minimum of 6 hours per month agreements but as every website is unique, we’ll be able to give you a much better idea of work and a comprehensive quote on monthly activity once we’ve taken a look at your site in detail.

We’ll always detail the work we’ve completed and the planned work for the forthcoming month ahead, as well as highlighting your balance in terms of bucket hours remaining.

We can also up-weight your hours for a specific project if needed at an additional cost, and we’ll never undertake work unless you’ve agreed to it.

Our standard terms operate on 3 month agreements, and we are happy to offer discounted rates for 6 and 12 month terms.

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Have a look at what we offer…

Standard support

6 hours per month

Dedicated team who can turn amends around in less than 24 hours.

Planned workflow for the entirety of your contract.

Help with updates, bug fixes and general technical support.

Direct line & out of hours facilities.


Strategic support

10-15 hours per month

As per basic PLUS >>>

Proactive guidance on improvements to dev improvements to your site.

Site built out availability, dev work / new pages & additional functionality.

Training resource (at our place or yours)

Monthly site back-up.


Superhero support

16+ hours per month

All of strategic, PLUS >>>

Analytics analysis & exec summary web dash-boarding with insights on suggested amends and improvements.

Acquisition campaign planning and recommendations

Design recommendations and suggestions

Monthly organic search audit & recommendations

Weekly site backups



Remember – discounts available for 6 month+ plans

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