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Always start with a blank sheet of paper. And lots of questions.
Understanding you, your business, and your online requirements
is the best place to start – and our Discovering You phase will answer key questions to
inform how your new site or app should look, feel and function

Discovering your audience

no two people are the same – that’s exactly why our websites are unique.

When we say discovering you, we mean your needs, wants, desires and requirements from a new online presence.

By discovering you, we can set a solid foundation on which to benchmark the initial phase of web creation – understanding what your customers and end users want, what your competitors are up to, which devices are most used and where the potential barriers are.

We have invested heavily in a diverse range of industry-leading research and analysis tools to ensure we leave no stone unturned, and will invariably identify trends and audience insights that have a wider business application than simply your web design.

We’re almost certain to uncover a few surprises during this phase of research, and if your business needs to get the maximum web performance from your new site from the off, this is arguably the most important phase of your new website project.

We have extensive experience of working with data to dig into diverse audience trends, utilising consumer insight tools as varied as Nielsen, Hitwise, Comscore, Google, Facebook & Twitter as well as organising and conducting focus groups and market research.

Not only informing how your website should evolve, this phase will prove invaluable for your future digital marketing planning, management & success. And, capturing a moment in time with this information, your own business trends will be measurable, with the reapplication of elements of this process at regular intervals to develop and improve on your online endeavours.

Our team of experts have unparalleled knowledge and experience turning data into applicable actions and results, and this is one of the key reasons our websites are consistently at the top of their game.

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