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4k video, interactive imagery, sweet browser animations…  Web Tech is great!

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Web Tech

4K video, retina screens, superfast mobile data:

we totally love web tech

We’re at last in an age where technology allows website experiences to be immersive and glorious in 4k video and bristling with built-for-mobile animation effects…

When teamed with superfast internet across mobile and broadband, we’re spoilt for choice on how to make your web-presence stand out from the crowd

The world is full of super-exiting, vibrant and engaging products, events, experiences and discoveries. We believe the internet should be the same.

The internet shouldn’t be boring. It should be amazing, bright and vibrant.

Browser tech is being developed at breakneck pace, and we love working in line with this and being at the forefront of ideas and development online.

We love that mobile and tablets are fast becoming the go to choice for internet browsing and web speeds in the UK over 20 Mbps and 4G mobile connections are finally becoming the norm. This means, quite simply, we can have prettier pictures, richer graphics, snazzier videos and faster websites.

So, with mobile-first, all encompassing animations, video, and intuitive navigation and engagement, we’ll guarantee our websites are never accused of being boring.

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