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buying online should be second nature ~ we help clients make it easy, fast, and enjoyable.

When your priority is transactions, profit and ROI, we think it’s sad that too many web companies overlook the basic premise of the perfect eCommerce site… conversions.

We like to think we’re a bit different and we think about the results first and foremost and then what you need to deliver them.

Woking backwards, we know that the key to success is bottom line results; and that comes from sales; which in turn comes from a clean and easy-to-use checkout function, with customer-focused payment mechanics; which can only be fed by compelling and easily navigated products and categories.

All of which needs to be designed with retail mechanics such as sale function & promotional POS asset inclusion.

This also needs to be developed with the acquisition channel consideration, and the likely source of inbound traffic (PPC anyone?).

As you can see, the planning is vital to success. And just because the measure of success if the same for ecommerce sites, doesn’t mean they should all look the same.

Some of the best retailers online utilise video to great effect, others have succinct, to-the-point design and lead with price. Yet more still, have a site focused around customer reviews and interaction.

We love that the internet has come so far in the past few years, and improvements to broadband speeds means eCommerce sites can really push the web design boundaries without jeopardising the path to conversion.

Some tried and tested architecture is a must, as internet shoppers do want to know how to browse your site from the off, and we can’t stress how much imagery, video and detail sells. Together of course with a keep price point in a competitive market.

But don’t worry, we can help with all of this and have the in-house teams to maximise the successes of your newly designed site.

And that includes accepting and designing for mobile. Google found over 30% of purchases are made on mobile devices, and we think that would be much higher if more sites were built for mobile.

We focus on Magento for eCommerce websites as we find it to be the most capable platform available.

We do however also build in WordPress / WooCommerce and other platforms if required (typically for smaller eCommerce requirements).

Magento is an open-source PHP platform based around the Zend framework. Our developers have created a host of different integrations with in-house systems to manage stock control & delivery requirements on a bespoke basis so you can be sure we can create something to be proud of.

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