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Landing Pages

tactical, efficient, results-driving ~ they’re the SAS of web pages and we’ll help you build and test them to maximise your results.

When we talk about landing pages, we’re essentially meaning a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a online ad (usually PPC based such as Adwords or BingAds).

The landing page is most likely going to give a more detailed view of the message and typically the necessary steps to take advantage of the promotion offer or how best to get in touch.

So when done properly, great landing pages boost the performance of an advertising campaign by channelling users who have clicked your ads to a page which will maximise the chances of a user converting into an enquiry or sale.

We’d usually build a collection of landing pages with varying copy formats and CTAs to test against one another. We’d use this technique to identify the landing page that performs the best and remove those that perform poorly, thereby maximising the ROAS and performance of your campaigns.

Design and layout is key and we spend time to make sure the pages look great, whilst highlighting the key selling points and making sure that they are fully responsive and look as beautiful on a mobile as they do on a desktop.

We’re also Google Analytics experts so we’ll set all this up to track performance of each page and can integrate data capture with your in-house lead gen toolsets such as Salesforce for example.

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