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an open-source CMS joy ~ easy to use since 2005

The super-flexible CMS of the future

Award winning CMS built by volunteers

Joomla! Is an award- winning CMS and prolific all over the world as an open source solution
with extensive

Joomla! is perfectly suited to business websites & intranets, as well as also being a perfect platform for educational and public sector websites.

Our Zigzaggers are hell-bent on using the best tools for building a website – and Joomla! often at the top of our list of CMS candidates.

Joomla! is built on PHP and MySQL and we can create beautifully designed sites which we’ll teach you how to run yourself.

A great CMS system with a wealth of out of the box solutions ideal for so many online applications and with thousands of free extensions and templates it’s often the best and quite simply only logical choice.

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