Fred Algorithm Update?! March 2017

There’s a New, unconfirmed Google rank update called ‘Fred’

Right Said Fred SEO Update

What’s it done to you?

Anyone looking at search results on a regular basis will have, along with the automated Google tracker and ranking tools, all noticed pretty clear indications that there was a Google algorithm ranking update… called ‘Fred’.

Since yesterday morning, we’ve all been keeping an eye out for an unconfirmed Google rank update. It looks like it seems to target the quality of the links as part of the algorithm. And the moniker for this update? We’ll it’s Fred. We like it. As do most so I guess it’s here to stay courtesy of Google’s Gary Illyes, who has jokingly suggested that all updates be named “Fred.”

Because all the darker sides of SEO are talking about it at length, it seems this is a good example of Spam-control. And specifically around links.

As we’ve all come to expect, Google rarely confirms algorithm updates these days — but that won’t stop anyone else in the digital world from shouting about large shifts in the search results – a pretty good indication that a change has been carried out or at least dialed up a notch if it had already been working quietly in the background.

Search tracking tools currently show loads of jumps and changes which suggests an update. Of course, because we’re writing about it, as are a million other publishers, and with businesses both grumbling about drops in rankings and crowing about increases, it’s pretty likely there’s been a shift.

And Google? No comment. Well except for the usual ‘we make changes all the time…’


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