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Event Promotion Marketing Campaigns

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Event Promotion Marketing Campaigns

we know what to do to effectively promote your event online; from races and triathlons to festivals and comedy clubs, we know where you need to be online to make your event a success.

Whether you want to generate ticket sales or build awareness, there are a host of digital platforms available to get in from of the right audience at the right time.

Your website is the first port of call for any good event promotion, and offering secure online registration, a simple user journey and video content to share both what to expect and what the event is like are great ways to attract potential ticket sales.

Video content is the glue to great event promotion, and we’d always suggest that this is the centre-piece of any promotional activity from social media, YouTube, Vimeo and landing pages/blog posts.
From using a unique hashtag on Twitter through to a structured event on Facebook, there are a multitude of ways to promote to your target audience quickly and cost-effectively.

We’d also suggest PPC and specifically Google AdWords as a promotional tool, getting in front of users who are looking for events similar to yours. Offering them a fast-track route directly to your chosen landing page or registration form.
Whether it’s in the run up to, during, or post-event recap or promoting the next one, content marketing should always central to your strategy. The event format itself is naturally geared up to brilliant unique content and so this should always be key.
Your event will certainly have unique elements to focus on: registration, cross selling, specific promotion emphasis etc and so we’d suggest a content plan around each user group.
In simple terms – we’d help you to find a unique story for each group and retell it across a number of marketing channels.
It may be daunting and your first attempt, or you may be experienced and just need additional resource to ensure your promotion runs smoothly. Either way our event planning team can build a schedule and plan from concept to delivery and post-campaign analysis.
Call us to find out how.

This could include organised races with everything form sponsorship opportunities and
registration tickets through to news of on-the-day prep and directions and a follow up of results
and a photo / video archive.

We always build event sites with a “mobile first” method and design, as mobile/tablet users typically
make up the majority of users interacting with the event website, and the functionality therefore should
be primarily focused on working seamlessly across all devices.

As well as the build, we know events need personality, and the most fun we have creatively is often with
event-based sites. What’s more, we’ve got a veritable army of marketing specialists who can help you to
ensure your ticket sales fly.

And because all our sites are bespoke, the only limit to the functionality we can integrate is your imagination.

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