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Sales Driving Marketing Campaigns

forget traffic. Anyone can send traffic to a website. What you need is revenue and sales.

You can send 1,000 people to a website who don’t convert – or 1 person who does. We know which one we’d chose in an eCommerce environment…

Making sure your website is optimised for conversion and carefully constructing campaigns that maximise the chance of conversion is the secret to a successful Direct Response (DR) campaign.

We’re all about numbers, and making your success a reality with our tailored strategies to increase sales for your product or service is what we do best of all. We fill the gap between sales and marketing to improve ROI, increase efficiency boost volume and cut costs. WE’ll help you to make a machine that increases sales revenue as you dial up the activity. Every business will happily spend more if it gets more business in in our experience. Most businesses tell us they want to increase sales – we’ll show you how to do this cost effectively, as well as providing insights into where things are going well for you (and where there’s room for improvement).
Whether it’s discount led or an incentivised giveaway, finding the best angle is the first step to increasing sales for your business.
We find out what customers really want and are most likely to react and engage with.
That’s when our content service steps in. We utilise the best platforms and channels as a conduit for bespoke content. From PPC and Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay through to outreach, organic, PR and social, our channel selection is dialled in to maximise revenue for your business.
No successful campaign to increase sales is ever complete without metrics. We care about the end result as much as the campaign itself – we gather and analyse the results of each element and tirelessly work towards a target ROI.
And there’s no some and mirrors – we don’t try to paint a picture away from the facts. If a campaign is a success we’ll crow with you about it! But if it needs work, we’ll be open, honest and clear on what we need to do to get it working again.

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