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Marketing Campaigns to Increase Traffic

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Marketing Campaigns To Drive More Traffic

Few people appreciate that over 70% of an average website’s traffic doesn’t come from the homepage.

Even fewer realise that organically websites don’t technically rank in search results – it’s their pages that rank….

This is a snippet into just some of the rationale we use when planning how our clients can gain more traffic to their website.

We use a multitude of experience and channel planning, from Social and PPC, to display and email marketing.

We look at the whole consumer funnel too – not all traffic is equal, and if you want sales, we need to ensure the traffic being driven is relevant and likely to convert.

For example, awareness activity will increase direct traffic and brand search traffic, whist email campaigns may garner more campaign specific clicks.

The balance of channel and objective is delicate, and we’ll ensure you have a bespoke and tailored plan to maximise quality traffic to your site.

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