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Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing can be a great extensions of your sales force
enlisting the help of an affiliate army to extend your business reach.

And it’s commission based – so there’s no risk after a small initial setup cost. Because you only pay on confirmed sales, affiliate marketing makes for an attractive and cost-effective way to generate new business online.

There are some elements which need consideration for your affiliate empire to thrive, and fortunately we’ve got the lowdown on all the opportunities and pitfalls out there so you don’t need to learn the hard way.

A great secondary benefit of a well structured affiliate program is the ability to build brand awareness of your product or service at exceptionally low cost.

With your creative in the form of display banners and links showing over a host of affiliate sites, you can elevate your site’s exposure without it costing you anything, meaning no media spend invoices to worry about.

Our affiliate specialists work with industry accredited partners and we know that every campaign and business objective is unique. That’s why each of our strategic campaigns are bespoke and built from the ground up so you know you’ve got the best possible performance mix from the outset.

We handle as much or as little as you need, ensuring your affiliates have the necessary means to promote your offering and are kept up to speed with the latest and greatest promotions. We can also make sure you’re getting a slick and efficient level of service from your new extended sales force.

sounds good doesn’t it…

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An Extension of your sales force

As an affiliate marketing channel is squarely based on payment by results, reporting is integral to its success. Therefore, all activity is meticulously tracked and commission paid on all resulting sales an affiliate makes.

These key insights enable us to monitor all interest in your product or service and with these diagnostics readily available we can also determine which ad creative attracts the most clicks & revenue, where your prospects originate from and of course who your top affiliates are – all vital when we talk about how to optimise your campaign.

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