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Display Advertising

think you’ve exhausted all options when targeting your customers online?
Well, you’ve probably not tried display advertising recently.

Display advertising has become a real success story in recent months.

Its transformation from a marketers afterthought to a serious contender in awareness marketing has seen it grow from strength to strength.

Now let’s be clear, display and programmatic display are two very different creatures – you can find out all about our programmatic display expertise here – what we’re talking about is display advertising via intelligent planning and negotiating on premium sites. We’ve done hugely successful campaigns on Mail Online, The Mirror, eBay, Gumtree, to name a few.

We know big impactful creative works best, and that it’s a false economy to save money in inventory placement when you don’t get seen by your audience.

With relationships with all the key digital teams across national and regional publications, you can be sure of exceptional support, strategy and performance from your display activity when you work with us.

your campaign is a success story waiting to happen…

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Press Advertising Online, Anyone?

The easiest way to explain how display advertising is planned and bought at Zigzag, is to compare it to press. We identify your objectives, and key audience profiles to pal a foundation.

We then identify and index hundreds of sites against your audience to pinpoint the top performers and over-indexing properties.

Once we have the sort list, we can make contact with the publications, negotiate costs and plan ad specs, creative formats & any tracking or adserving requirements before building out a full media lay down for review and approval.

We can work with your creatives, or create some beautiful assets ourselves, and we’ll launch, run and report on the campaign throughout the process.

Finally, we’ll conduce a Post Campaign Analysis (PCA) and give you the tools and insights needed to plan the next round of activity.


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