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Local Inventory Advertising

increase your bricks and mortar storefront
by telling people nearby about your shop & available products

Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) are great for Clicks & Mortar businesses.

Showcasing your products and services to users near to your tangible stores, these ads are bridging the chasm between online and offline transactions and research.

The marketing concept of ROPO (research online, purchase offline) is a perfect example of how these ads can help facilitate consumers needs to find retail outlets selling the products they want ~ and often they feel the need to touch, feel, sit on, measure, try-on and simply ‘see’ these products before committing to purchase.

We’ve got extensive experience working with national retailers to crack this challenge and we’ve had great success with the likes of DFS, Dreams and Sofology in just this way.

So if you want to find out more about increasing your store footfall through online get in touch today.

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Sell more stock to people round the corner

Consumers use mobile technology to research, plan and buy on the high street. A pretty shopfront, desirable products and keen price point will help you to succeed, but now that shop 100m down the street with the lover overheads, cheaper rent and even keener price is appearing on mobile searches and offering the same product for 20% less. Normally they’d get overlooked, but with Local Inventory Ads… you get the idea.

The opportunities are extensive and we plan each and every campaign around the bespoke requirements of your brief.

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