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Paid Search

Google Adwords & Microsoft BingAds are the foundations of many online businesses.
Almost all though can see in excess of 20% improvements with zigzag’s help.

PPC, Paid Search, SEM, Adwords, BingAds…

…blimey there are a fair few terms being thrown about to cover this veteran of digital marketing. Still, we know many businesses that are built exclusively on PPC and in our mind it’s a highly regarded channel; one where battles can be won and lost and mistakes can be costly…

So it helps to know your PPC is being looked after by some of the best in the business.

When Mobile first took off, we were in charge of the biggest media spenders in the country across search.

We also guarantee we have helped names you’ll recognise to become the household brands they are today because of PPC.

What’s more, we can make your eyes water at some of the spend, revenue and bids businesses generate via PPC.

And the secret? Paid search is constantly evolving to embrace the needs of today’s search engine users & we’re constantly evolving to embrace the needs of the modern business. And we know that a great eye for numbers and a fastidious attention to detail is the difference between a mediocre campaign and an absolute stonker – and we’ve got bags number-crunching nerdiness up our sleeves for just such a challenge.

Chances are your business is there to provide a solution to an everyday problem. And what do you do when you have a problem?

Google it…

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We’re A Google Partner With Over 15 Years Experience

Don’t know what sets you apart from the competition? Don’t panic, we can help.

We like to stress to our client’s that we know everyone’s a delicate and unique snowflake when it comes to PPC. Rule number one, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. EVER. When it comes to our paid search campaigns each client is different and comes with their own KPIs, budget, competitors and most importantly customers.

Therefore, we build our campaigns around these unique nuances. Working in an integrated manner we take insights from Google Analytics, Trends, Search Console, competitor activity and keyword analysis to fully map out our campaigns from the outset. It’s this sort of expertise that means:

we can boast a 20.1%* increase in performance in the first 6 weeks.

*on average across all our new clients over a 12 month period.

Nobody Does PPC better

Our team are obsessive PPCers & Google Certified Partners, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We really see paid search as an art form that rewards a fastidious attention to detail, and constant finger on the pulse, with skyrocketing performance and admirable results.

We spend hours tweaking the dials and testing for improvements from our clients PPC campaigns – all with the aim of the highest possible ROI – it’s a constant evolution, and we simply love it.

~ Google Certified Partners ~

~ Shopping Specialists ~

~ Live Bespoke Dashboards ~

To take it a step further, we develop and run our own bespoke proprietary tools and scripts to streamline campaign efforts, which when combined with the experience and knowledge our team has, really does give a truly unique service offering that can’t be matched.

It’s not all Google though, and we actively integrate Youtube, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin (you get the idea) to squeeze every last sale out of your target market.

Hurrah! Your search for a PPC specialist is over.

We’re Google Certified

We’re specialists and certified in all Google Disciplines
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