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Press Advertising

established and effective press advertising can raise our brand profile better than any other channel
and should be a major consideration in any good media strategy

Broadsheets, tabloids, financial supplements, specialist titles & trade press, they all have their core audience and place in the marketing mix.

Though press in isolation may be reporting a decline, the relevance of this medium to audiences, especially niche and specialisms, remains hugely buoyant.

A well placed advert in the Sunday Telegraph will work wonders for an AB, 50+ audience (we know and have direct experience of this on a near weekly basis). An outdoor brand will still do hugely well in the travel section of The Times.

Electrical brands live and die through trade press, and the FT is still the place to be if you’re into finance.

Why not get in touch and you’ll find there’s a refreshingly new take on press planning and buying just around the corner.

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Twitchers love the RSPB…

Well, we all do actually, but it’s a great example of the thriving constant of press activity in a wholly digital world. The RSPB publish a huge amount of content that is shared with their audience, as do the National Trust, all of which lands on the doorstep of engaged, enthralled, eager-to-read audiences. If your audience matches theirs, there’s a very strong chance that by putting the best creative in front of them, you’ll also benefit from an engaged, interested and enthralled audience.

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