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Social Media Marketing

social media is brilliant!
and we’re not talking about piano-playing, dress-wearing, dancing cats…

Forget dancing cats – just imagine how much data Facebook has on its users (and probably you too).

It knows your name, gender, age, hometown, interests, phone number, likes, friends, clubs, relationship, children…

You name it. If you’ve shared, posted or liked something on Facebook, we can target it.

This makes Facebook (and Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other social channels) brilliant advertising media, and surprisingly cost effective ways of promoting your business in every way, from hyper-local to world-wide.

the possibilities are endless….

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The New Word of Mouth…

Gone are the days of social media being a hugely popular but un-monetised medium. Advertising across all social media channels is big business, and one of the best ways to really target your core audience. Let’s say you have 1,000 emails of customers you know would like to hear about your newest service, offer or product… WE can target those email addresses on Facebook… and their friends. We can focus on female 30-something cat-lovers with primary school children who live in Leeds but are visiting London. We really can be that targeted.

The truth is, social media is a powerhouse of new business for almost everyone, if done intelligently and backed up by years of experience. Get in touch to find out how we can turn your social media activity into unstoppable revenue-driving marketing channels.

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