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The way people use the internet across all devices needs to be considered, especially mobile, it touches almost all parts of our modern lives.

It’s impossible to pigeonhole a single stream, and it’s important to utilise multi-channel including status, video, pin, tweet, post, review, TV and more to get in touch, and have a conversation with, customers.

We need to understand the mind-set and prompts for a given action online, and we call these moments. For example, you want to know the age of that Hollywood star in an interview – Google it. Google has become the go-to resource for news and information (including fake news) and consumers now have on demand information at their fingertips 24/7. If you can offer the answers, shouldn’t you be the one they turn to for information?

Another great example is geographic search. No longer do people use A-Zs, or ask directions (unless of course you count Google or iOS Maps. Do you want more footfall or have a store that needs a boost– if you’re not exploiting geographic marketing you’re missing a trick.

Looking for a recipe for a birthday cake? Or how to hang a radiator? There’s a YouTube video for that…

If you’re a plumbers’ merchant, you’ll be the go-to business nationwide if you offer a comprehensive video resource on DIY Plumbing tips… from blogs and infographics, to podcasts and video-how-tos, this content is a gold-mine if done well.

Impulse purchase? Amazon and Argos have quick click and delivery facilities to make the art of buying online as an impulse as easy as walking past a shop window and buying a pair of shoes on impulse. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t tap into this valuable stream too.

Any of these can and do happen throughout the day. And with mobiles always in your pocket and a gateway to everything you could possibly need one tap away, it’s never been more important to be in control of your own digital moments.

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