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Discovering You …
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Discovering You …

Digital marketing is not a simple matter of going live and crossing your fingers.

Planning and strategy is as important as actually running campaigns…

and this all starts with understanding your audience and (as importantly) your business.

Who are you targeting? What do they do? Where to the spend their time? What makes them tick?
What do you offer them? What are the features and benefits? How much are you prepared to spend
to get them engaging with your brand? How much to do make from them? What’s their lifetime value
and impact on your bottom-line?

These are just the first few questions we ask – and they always prompt more, which, of course, is a good thing.

We ask questions, conduct research, host focus groups and build rich tapestries of your business-consumer
relationship before investing in a single click. It’s the way to do it properly, and something we insist
upon if you want to hit the ground at an industry-leading pace from the off.

We use data to make informed decisions, and combined with our unparalleled retail and online experience,
there’s no better place to start your attest and greatest campaign for world-domination.

When we’ve finished, you’ll have a fully applicable marketing acquisition tool in the form of
a comprehensive discovery document to apply to your digital marketing activities.

The way marketing online is evolving, we recommend conducting one of these rounds of discovery every
6-12 months dependent upon your specific requirements.

To find out more and begin truly discovering you and your consumers, get in touch with an expert today.
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